Top 10 ‘Animal Crossing’ x Halloween Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Animal Crossing tattoos are certainly popular; in fact, the video game is just one of three themes (pizza and squirrels the other two) to reach 100 tattoos here on LWG.

Are Animal Crossing and Halloween two of your favourite things? If tattoos are third on your list, then a Halloween themed Animal Crossing piece should be next on your tattoo wishlist.

Halloween themed Animal Crossing tattoos are not yet as common as the game as a whole – Covid-19 has likely ruined many tattoo plans – but we’ve found a cute ones to spark your imagination. The video game is full of colourful visuals that any talented tattooer can turn into a piece of permanent body art for you.

You could even go one step further and combine Halloween in Animal Crossing with elements from actual horror movies. How about a horror movie villain stylised as an Animal Crossing character, or vice versa?

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