This Mr Blobby Tattoo is Nightmarishly Good – Littered With Garbage

This tattoo is nightmarish in the good way – it’s a solid piece by Laura Kennedy, but it’s the subject matter which may have an affect on people. Mr Blobby is either beloved or the stuff nightmares are made of.

Having not grown up in the UK, I was first introduced to Mr Blobby through his appearance on The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s in 2012.

Mr Blobby first hit television screens two decades prior, appearing in the second series of Noel’s House Party, hosted by Noel Edmonds.

Usually people in mascot or animal costumes are cute, but there’s just something so creepy about a person in a large pink costume, covered in yellow spots, with eerie green eyes; especially when they can only say the word “blobby” and they repeat it over and over in an altered voice.

Despite his appearance, Mr Blobby was actually popular in the 90s which lead to Mr Blobby themed park attractions, cameos on various UK shows over the years (terrifying children with each and every appearance), and the “Mr Blobby” song going on to be the Christmas number one single in 1993, despite it being widely hated.

Do you own an original 90s piece of Mr Blobby merchandise? Would you ever consider getting your own Mr Blobby tattoo? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Mr Blobby Tattoo by @laurakennedytattoo

UK comedian, Jack Whitehall is certainly not a fan of Mr Blobby as you can see in this clip.

Click here to watch the full The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s episode.