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Impractical Jokers fan tattoos are few and far between so we couldn’t resist sharing this one with you. Joe, Murr, Q and Sal aren’t featured in this piece, so what exactly makes it Impractical Jokers themed?

Think back to episode 13 (Browbeaten) of season 5 when the guys first played the “Name Game” challenge. The Jokers were posing as receptionists and had to read out ridiculous names without laughing. Some of the names Murr couldn’t help but giggle at included: Enya Mouthhole, Taint Nuffum, U’nique Areola, and Melba Moses Wolfenstein.

Murr lost the challenge and went on to lose the episode. His punishment was having his eyebrows shaved off, along with the majority of the hair on his head. The second part of the humilation was being forced to pose for a new driver’s licence photo.

Browbeaten aired back on May 12, 2016 – Murr is still stuck with that licence photo for a further six years.

The one name we didn’t previously mention was Kiwi Frankencop. It this name which inspired a huge IJ fan to add to their tattoo collection.


While most of the names created for the “Name Game” are generally complete gibberish, Kiwi Frankencop actually works as it can be broken down into three elements: a kiwi (either the bird or the fruit), Frankenstein’s monster, and a cop.

We love obscure reference tattoos and this Impractical Jokers inspired tattoo is no different. The average person would look at this and have no idea – it only makes sense to the most die hard of fans.

We’ve gone through all the names from each of the “Name Game” challenges and thought too much about which others could become a tattoo:

  • Helena Bottom-Farter – surprisingly, fart tattoos are actually a thing, so just add Helena Bonham Carter into the mix;
  • Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico – a shrimp dressed as a doctor, with an ode to Puerto Rico somewhere;
  • Count Ravioli – a vampire ravioli;
  • Gregory Poopsicle – poop on a stick, named Gregory;
  • Gal Godonut – Gal Gadot stylised as a donut.

Which challenge or punishment will inspire your own Impractical Jokers themed tattoo?

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