These ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ Tattoos Are Anything but Terrible – Littered With Garbage

Muriel and Rhonda (Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths) are ’90s friendship goals, but would you consider them for a pair of matching tattoos?

The quintessentially Aussie classic film Muriel’s Wedding celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019. While set in its time, Muriel’s Wedding is still relatable in the current day.

Stuck living at home with her mother and siblings – who are all equally as useless as one another according to their verbally abusive father – Muriel is a black sheep and social outcast.

Stuck in a life where she has no job, no significant other, and receives sympathy invites from fake friends who feel pressured to include her, Muriel disappears into a imaginary world where she dreams about having a glamorous wedding one day.

Despite the cheery, ABBA-heavy soundtrack, Muriel’s Wedding is a rather depressing and heartbreaking story of a tragic family dynamic.

Everyone tells Muriel that she’s terrible, but they won’t be doing the same to you if you follow our advice and get your Muriel’s Wedding themed tattoo from an incredible artist.

neo-trad-muriels-wedding-tattoo Neo trad Muriels Wedding tattoo by @guendouglas