These Julien Solomita Tattoos are Full of Aries Energy – Littered With Garbage

Despite the fierce following behind many creators on the YouTube platform, YouTuber tattoos are not really as common as you might think. The likes of Disney animated films, Harry Potter and Star Wars reign supreme in the world of tattooing.

These days, we only watch a select few channels, and Julien Solomita’s happens to be one of them. Although he’s known for being a tornado in the kitchen, he has managed to produce some entertaining and extra tasty vegan recipe content this year.

This isn’t the first Julien Solomita tattoo we’ve seen (there’s this one with Jenna and the pups by @pastelxghoul) but this piece by the amazing Sarah-K simply blew our minds.

Sarah has really managed to capture Julien’s chaotic Aries energy and brought Jenna Marbles’ pin up styling and vision to life in a tattoo.

We’re huge fans of Sarah and her bold and colourful pop art style, and especially her drag queen designs.

This isn’t just a tattoo of a YouTuber but an embodiment of the fun, creative and carefree nature of two of the platform’s most beloved creators. It came as such a shock to see this tattoo in our Instagram feed which is why this tattoo by Sarah-K is one of our favourites of 2019.


Come 2020, and with everything that’s currently happening in the world, to see yet another Julien Solomita pin-up tattoo pop up on our Instagram feed was that bit of comic relief we need.

bigboypinups is known for their bold, traditional tattoos, with a focus on male pin-ups. A quick scroll through their feed and you’ll find various characters from pop culture and pin-ups straight from their client’s imagination. The saucy pin-ups are sure to put a smile on your dial… and maybe do something a little more.


Have you ever considered getting a Julien or Jenna (or another YouTuber) inspired tattoo?

Remember, as we always say: Be Inspired. Never Copy.