The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But These Wintry Tattoos Are Delightful – Littered With Garbage

Winter has arrived in Australia. It’s our favourite time of year, although it’s not yet cold enough for us quite yet. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and dreading summer, hopefully these tattoos will be a nice escape from the heat for you.

We’ve produced this compilation of all the winter themed tattoo lists published on LWG – weather, sports played on ice, and animals living in cold climates.

Click on the list titles to view more tattoos and potentially discover a tattoo artist perfectly suited to your vision for a wintry tattoo of your own.

Top 20 Snowflake Tattoos

blackwork-snowflake-tattoo Blackwork snowflake tattoo by @black_casket


Lorelai Gilmore is known for inate ability to sense and smell when snow is coming. Given how much of Gilmore Girls is set in winter and autumn (fall), and that is reflected in fans’ tattoos, we think they deserve a place in this compilation.