The R&H Beer Radio Program: Tattoo Edition (Episodes 6-10) – Littered With Garbage

It’s been a while but, oh my god, we’re back again with the follow up to our original R&H Beer Radio Program post.

It’s become our Tuesday morning tradition to listen to the radio program live as we work on future LWG projects.

Episodes 6 to 10 of the R&H Beer Radio Program have featured the themes of Staten Island, movie soundtracks, cover songs, and down the rabbit hole.

Given how much free time we have outside of LWG, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy by adding ideas to our tattoo wish list – some of these design concepts are inspired by musical artists featured on the radio program. Which of these bands or singers would you get a tattoo of?

Before we go any further, can you name the two songs we referenced above?

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

neo-trad-ghostbusters-tattoo Neo trad Ghostbusters tattoo by @robbwild

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We’ll be back in a few weeks time with part three (episodes 11-15) of our tattoo companion for the R&H Beer Radio Program.


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