‘The Nanny’ Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Created by and starring Fran Drescher, The Nanny premiered in 1993 and ran for a total of 6 seasons and 146 episodes until the finale in 1999.

Fran Fine went from a recently fired (and broken up with) bridal shop employee in Flushing, Queens to the nanny of three children in Manhattan – remember a time when you didn’t require a lifetime’s worth of experience to get a job?

Despite Fran being the main character, it was always the interactions and insults exchanged between Niles and CC that we were a fan of; you can find compilations of these on YouTube.

The Nanny has seen several foreign adaptations – maybe you’re more familiar with one of those, and will use it for inspiration for your tattoo. It was also recently announced that there will be a musical adaptation of The Nanny.

If The Nanny still remains one of your favourite and most-watched television shows then it’s likely you’ve at one point considered getting yourself a tattoo. Your tattoo could be stylised like the show’s animated opening titles, a photorealism or neo trad portrai, or something unique in your chosen artists’ known style.

Besides the quick wit of the characters, The Nanny was a feast for the eyes with Fran’s quirky, OTT fashion sense. A Fran pinup tattoo could be another option as you could dress it in favourite outfit she’s worn.

We can’t (and won’t) tell you what kind of tattoo you should get – we just implore you to do some research, be sure of your decision and, of course, be inspired but never copy another tattoo!


Blackwork crosshatch The Nanny tattoo by @eddylou

traditional-nanny-pinup-tattoo Traditional Nanny pinup tattoo by @missquartz