Spoopy Candy Heart Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

If you prefer spooky over sweet sentiments then a spoopy candy heart could be right for you.

Keep the traditional shape of Sweethearts (US) or Love Hearts (UK) confectionery but have fun with the theme, the word and other decorative elements to perfectly suit your cold, dead heart.

For something which is a rather simple 3D heart shape, this leaves you with much to think about. Your candy heart tattoo can be inspired by a horror film, or have more traditional Halloween elements such as spider webs, bats, ghosts, or placed alongside other Halloween treats like candy corn.

You could splatter the hearts with blood or ink glitter, and have one or several hearts in the one piece. The colour scheme could match the aesthetic of a horror movie villain or be the complete opposite and have a pastel colour palette.

We’ve put together this list of tattoos to inspire you, but ensure that you don’t cause other people nightmares by stealing their tattoos. Remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.

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Spooky bitch candy hearts tattoo by @ismonkah


Sparkly candy heart, bats and spider web tattoo by @alexstrangler


Witch Please candy hearts tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Haunt Me. Candy heart gap filler tattoo by @stubborntattoos


Candy heart and witches hat tattoo by @alexstrangler


Bite Me candy hearts tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Trick and Treat candy hearts tattoo by @cvhtattoos

emo-candy-heart-tattoo Emo candy heart tattoo by @roxyrydertattoo