Should We Change Our Name? – Littered With Garbage

Most of you are probably unaware of how our website got its name. and that over the past few months we’ve been torn over whether we should change it.

The name of our website was inspired by this 2017 GQ video where Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez discuss celebrity’s tattoos, with Peck referring to Justin Bieber as being “littered with garbage” tattoos.

We thought the term was funny, and it aligns with our aim of breaking down the stereotype that tattooed people are delinquents and mentally damaged for wanting to alter their appearance, and wanting to help people avoid getting bad tattoos. We sort through all the rubbish tattoos and the tattooers responsible for them, to share the best tattoos we can find and promoting the tattoo artists behind them. We don’t want to you be ‘littered with garbage.’

Around six months ago photos surfaced of Peck in blackface, we were made aware of his racist remarks and him defending a known rapist in the tattoo industry. Not long after, Ink Master released a statement that Peck would not longer be affiliated with their show.

‘Littered with garbage’ is not a phrase Peck made up, but it was him saying it about Justin Bieber’s tattoos which inspired us to name our website Littered With Garbage.

We want to hear your opinions on the matter. Do you think we should change our name?

Vote in the poll and feel free to leave your thoughts down below, or you can chat privately via our DMs on Instagram.

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