Scary Terry Tattoos That Will Make You Say “Aww, Bitch.” – Littered With Garbage

Unlike some other tattooed favourites, Scary Terry has made only the one appearance in the Rick and Morty animated television series, but what an impact it was.

In the second-ever episode titled “Lawnmower Dog,” Scary Terry was described by Rick as a “legally-safe knockoff of an ’80s horror character with miniature swords for fingers instead of knives.” The secondary set of balls hanging from Terry’s chin really ensures that there’s no confusion between Terry and Freddy.

Scary Terry was found in people’s dreams where he kills them but, unlike Freddy, his victims would simply awaken, completely unharmed.

He’s a fan of the word “bitch” with which he ends almost every sentence. Adding to the absurdity of it all, Terry’s married to Melissa and together they have a child named Scary Brandon.

When it comes to a Scary Terry tattoo you have just the one episode to draw from if you wish to remain visually and creatively accurate to the show. You could search through your favourite artists’ pre-drawn designs to see if they have any Scary Terry designs available to be tattooed. If you’re after something special, give your tattoo artist creative freedom and allow them to produce a unique Scary Terry tattoo for you.

Another idea is getting getting a mashup tattoo the represent your love of both A Nightmare on Elm Street and Rick and Morty. For tattoos of the inspiration behind Scary Terry, Freddy Krueger, click here.