‘Rocket Power’ Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Rocket Power made its Nickelodeon debut on August 16 1999 – people born that year are now old enough to get tattooed. How has 21 years passed so fast?

The show followed brother and sister Otto and Reggie Rocket and their friends Sam and Twister. When they weren’t skateboarding, biking, surfing or snowboarding, they would hang out at their dad and his business partner, Tito’s restaurant and surf store, the Shore Shack.

The late 90s began the mainstream interest in extreme sports. The first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game was released the month following Rocket Power’s television debut.

Rocket Power ran for 4 seasons and a total of 71 episodes, and was popular enough to have its own video game released in September 2001.

Did Rocket Power inspire your interest in skateboarding or other extreme sports?

Along with Rugrats, Rocket Power ended in 2004, with their final episodes airing within two days of one another.

After missing out on featuring Rocket Power tattoos back (many moons ago) in Nickelodeon Month, we made it our mission to revisit the show once we were able to find some more pieces to include in our list. While the number of tattoos doesn’t compare to some other animated shows, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with what we’ve put together for you. Put your skates on and get (sc)rolling!