rcore tattoos

Rcore Tattoos is a professional tattoo studio located in the heart of downtown Toronto. We specialize in custom tattoos, from small to large scale pieces, that are tailored to each individual’s needs and desires. Our team of highly skilled and experienced artists are here to help you create the perfect tattoo that you can enjoy for years to come. We take pride in creating unique and beautiful designs that capture the essence of our clients and make a statement about their personalities. Whether you are looking for a classic design, something more modern or something completely unique, we will work with you to create the perfect piece of art for your body.Rcore Tattoos are tattoos that are inspired by the subculture of punk music and skateboarding. The design is a combination of traditional artwork with a punk aesthetic, featuring loud colors, bold lines and often cartoon-style imagery. Rcore tattoos often feature skulls, birds, and other animals in addition to the punk rock attitude of rebellion and independence.


Rcore tattoos are based on traditional Japanese tattoo styles, which date back to the Edo period in Japan. These tattoos feature bold, black ink and often depict mythical monsters, samurai warriors, and dragons. Traditional Rcore tattoos are usually large and cover an entire arm or leg. They often feature intricate patterns and detailed shading. As the traditional style of Rcore tattoos is quite bold and distinctive, it is often seen as a statement of strength and courage.


The neo-Japanese style of Rcore tattoos are a modern take on traditional Japanese tattooing. These tattoos feature more subtle shading and use a variety of colors, including blues, greens, reds, purples, yellows, oranges, pinks, and even metallic inks. Neo-Japanese Rcore tattoos often feature themes such as nature scenes, animals such as tigers or dragons, koi fish designs, and religious symbols or gods from Japanese mythology. These designs can be large or small in size and can cover an entire arm or limb or just be a small accent piece.

New School

New school Rcore tattoos are very different from traditional or neo-Japanese styles as they use bright colors and cartoon-like characters to create whimsical designs. New school Rcore tattoos often feature funny characters such as unicorns or cartoon animals with human features such as eyes and mouths. They can also include abstract shapes or patterns for a more surreal look. New school Rcore tattoos are usually smaller than other styles but still make an impact with their bright colors and fun designs.

Popularity of Rcore Tattoos

Rcore tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They have become a way for people to express themselves and show off their unique style. Rcore tattoos are an alternative to traditional tattoo designs, featuring abstract and geometric shapes. The popularity of these tattoos has grown due to their unique look and the ability to customize them to suit the individual’s style.

Rcore tattoos allow people to create a unique look that is both eye catching and meaningful. These designs are often used to symbolize important memories or experiences, and can be personalized with color, symbols, or words. They can also be used as a way to honor someone special in your life by adding their name or initials into the design.

The popularity of Rcore tattoos has been growing rapidly among many different age groups, from teenagers to adults. Many celebrities have also been seen sporting Rcore designs, which has further increased the trend’s visibility and appeal.

Rcore tattoos are easy to find online, with many websites offering customizable options for those who want something more unique than a traditional tattoo design. They are also gaining popularity at tattoo parlors, as they offer an edgy alternative that stands out from other designs.

Overall, Rcore tattoos have become increasingly popular due to their unique look and customizable options. They offer an appealing option for those looking for something different than traditional tattoo designs, and can be personalized in order to make them even more meaningful and special.

Upper Arm Rcore Tattoos

Upper arm tattoos are a great way to express your style and personality. They can be placed anywhere on the upper arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. Popular placement options for Rcore tattoos include the bicep area, the tricep area, and the forearm. Each of these areas offers an opportunity to show off your favorite Rcore designs in a unique way. The bicep is a great place to get a larger tattoo, such as a tribal design or an intricate portrait. The tricep is ideal for smaller tattoos, such as symbols or simple phrases. Finally, the forearm is perfect for more intricate designs that require multiple colors and shades.

Chest Rcore Tattoos

Chest tattoos are another popular option for Rcore tattoo enthusiasts. These can be placed anywhere on the chest, from the collarbone to the sternum. Placement options include larger pieces that span both pectorals or smaller individual pieces that focus on one pectoral muscle at a time. For larger pieces, consider getting something abstract or an eye-catching symbol that will draw attention to your chest area. Smaller tattoos can be used to display meaningful words or symbols in an eye-catching way.

Back Rcore Tattoos

Back tattoos offer plenty of space for creative expression and are ideal for those who want larger pieces of art covering their entire back or upper back area. Popular placement options include between the shoulder blades, along the spine, or across one side of the back (either left-to-right or right-to-left). Designs can range from abstract art to detailed portraits and cover any amount of space you desire – from small symbols all the way up to full backpieces!

Aftercare for Rcore Tattoos

Taking care of your new Rcore tattoo is essential to ensure that you have a good result. Immediately after your tattoo is finished, your artist will apply a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to keep the area hydrated. You should keep this on for at least two hours. After two hours, you should gently wash the area with lukewarm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap. Pat the area dry with a clean towel and then apply a thin layer of fragrance-free lotion or cream to keep the skin moisturized.

You should avoid exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight for at least four weeks after getting it done. This will help prevent fading and discoloration of the tattoo. If you must be in direct sunlight, make sure to cover up the area with clothing or apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

You should also avoid swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans until your tattoo has healed completely. These areas are often filled with bacteria that could cause infection if it gets into your open wound. You should also avoid soaking in hot tubs or taking long baths as this could cause irritation and delay healing time.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye on your tattoo for any signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pain, discharge from the wound site, or fever. If you notice any of these signs, contact your doctor immediately as they can prescribe antibiotics to help treat the infection and prevent further complications.

Cost of Rcore Tattoos

The cost of an Rcore tattoo can vary greatly depending on the design, size, and location of your tattoo. Generally, small, simple tattoos are the least expensive and can range from $50 to $150. Larger, more complex designs can range from $200 to $500 or more. The cost also depends on the experience level of the artist and the shop you choose. Typically, a professional artist with a reputable studio will charge more than a novice artist in an unlicensed shop.

The cost of an Rcore tattoo may also include a fee for the design itself. If you’re getting a custom design created for you, it’s common to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 for the design itself. This fee is separate from the cost of actually getting the tattoo done.

When considering the cost of an Rcore tattoo, it’s important to remember that this is an investment in your body art and should be treated as such. Quality workmanship and safety should always be top priorities when selecting an artist and shop for your tattoo.

Pros of Getting an Rcore Tattoo

Rcore tattoos are beautiful and unique pieces of body art that can really make a statement. They are also incredibly versatile, allowing the wearer to choose from a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. Rcore tattoos can be a great way to express yourself and show off your personality. Plus, they are relatively low-maintenance when compared to other types of tattoos and can last for many years with proper care.

Cons of Getting an Rcore Tattoo

The biggest downside to getting an Rcore tattoo is that it is relatively expensive compared to other types of tattoos. Additionally, because the ink is so vibrant and colorful, it may fade over time if not properly cared for. If you don’t take the time to properly care for your tattoo, it could end up looking faded or blurry after just a few years. Additionally, some people may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions from the ink used in these tattoos. Therefore, it is important to do your research beforehand and consult with a professional before getting an Rcore tattoo.


Rcore Tattoos are a great way to showcase your unique style and personality. They can add a touch of art and creativity to any outfit, and they can be created with any design that you can think of. The best part about Rcore Tattoos is that they are permanent, so you never have to worry about them fading or coming off. They are easy to care for and maintain, so you can enjoy your tattoo for years to come. Plus, the process of getting an Rcore Tattoo is relatively painless and fast. All in all, Rcore Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself with body art.

Whether you’re looking for something small or large, simple or intricate, Rcore tattoos have got you covered. With a variety of colors and styles available, there’s something for everyone. So go ahead and get creative – express yourself through art with an Rcore tattoo!