Popples Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

We’ll admit that we believed that we had no knowledge of Popples prior to beginning research for Kawaii Month. Upon looking further into these toys, we realised that we actually owned one, and may even still have it stored somewhere.

Some of you other later 80s and early 90s babies may be more familiar with the history of Popples; if not, let’s refresh your memory.

Produced by the same company behind the likes of the Care Bears, Popples were described as a type of marsupial teddy bear. A unique feature of Popples was the pouch on their back that enabled the plush toys to be rolled into the pouch and to then resemble a ball.

The original line of Popples consisted of nine brightly coloured toys, each with a name starting with the letter P. Following on from their success, more characters were added to the Popples family: Pufflings, Sports Popples (we owned Big Kick), Pocket Popples.

A four-issue comic series coincided with the animated series that was screened on US television (and later the UK) in 1986 and 1987. There were revivals of the Popples toys in 2007,  and again in 2015 when a Popples Netflix series was aired.

While they may never have reached the heights of popularity of other toys in the late 20th century, the nostalgia remains and fuels a desire and demand for Popples tattoos.

Potato Chip Popples appears to be a favourite, but which Popples character would you get tattooed? If you go ahead with it, be sure to tag us on Instagram and we may add it to this post!


Party Popple tattoo by @lacey_tattoos


Popple tattoo by @kv_mti


Pretty Bit Popple tattoo by @stabbygabby


Roller skating Popple tattoo by @linneatattoos


Potato Chip Popple tattoo by @stabbygabby