‘Peep Show’ Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Peep Show was created by Andrew O’Connor, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, and written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain.

Peep Show follows a pair of dysfunctional roommates who met at university. Mark Corrigan is career driven and unlucky in love while Jeremy “Jez” Usbourne is a dreamer, a would-be musician, and usually unemployed.

Peep Show’s unique point of style filming, and the inclusion of hearing the internal monologues of characters, means that the audience really experiences every situation from their perspective. Cringey and uncomfortable at times, it’s reminiscent of those moments in your own life where you wish you could just disappear to avoid certain conversations or confrontations.

The show aired 2003-2015, for a total of 9 seasons and 54 episodes. Due to poor ratings, Peep Show was almost cancelled after the third season. It went on to win a number of awards and gain a cult following.

Quintessentially British, two US pilots have failed to recreate the magic that is Peep Show. Unlike The Office, the characters of Mark and Jez can be portrayed by none other than David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Two years ago there were rumours of a third attempt at a Peep Show US adaptation, but this time with female leads. Would you like to see a successful adaptation of Peep Show?

Aside from Peep Show, David Mitchell and Robert Webb have also written and starred together in The Mitchell and Webb Situation, That Mitchell and Webb Look, and more recently, Back.

Peep Show also starred the uber-talented and now Oscar winner, Olivia Colman whose acting credits include brilliantly flawless film and television performances in both the comedy and drama genres.

Unlike US sitcoms (both live-action and animated) like Friends and The Simpsons, tattoos of British television shows appear to be far more uncommon. Despite it’s following, we found just a few Peep Show tattoos.

If a Peep Show tattoo has been on your mind, be anally retentive like Mark and creative like Jez when constructing an idea and selecting the ideal tattoo artist – the right one might be featured below…

mark-corrigan-peep-show-portrait-tattoo Mark Corrigan (Peep Show) portrait tattoo by @theyoul by @rhihusty


Peep Show tattoo by @bridget_tunstall