Okapi Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

An okapi is an African animal from the same family giraffes, and are taller than the average male human. Generally solitary animals, okapis are herbivores and the females are pregnant for approximately 14 months.

Okapis are brown/reddish brown in appearance with a greyish-white chest, and a striped pattern on their long legs. They are also known as forest giraffes, or even zebra giraffes due to their location and distinct markings.

Found in the forests of the Democractic Republic of the Congo, okapi are considered an endangered species – it’s sad that this is a fact which has been mentioned in the vast majority of the wild animal tattoo lists we have published. Okapi are now extinct in Uganda.

The okapi is an animal we were unfamiliar with until seeing a tattoo pop up in our Instagram feed – who said tattoos can’t teach you anything?

Are you familiar with okapi? Would you get an okapi tattoo?


Illustrative okapi tattoo by @justintauchtattoos


Healed blackwork okapi tattoo by @denisemoetattoo

illustrative-okapi-tattoo Illustrative okapi tattoo by @rosemaryjane