Nugget the Honey Bear Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Impractical Jokers, Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn, introduced their listeners to the character of Nugget the Honey Bear on episode seven of their What Say You? podcast way back in 2013.

After telling a story about a bear-shaped bottle of honey and the TSA, it led them to discovering the history behind the design and name of the honey bear. From there it descended into giving Nugget a voice, a rather disturbing personality and sick sense of humour. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Basically, Dutch Gold Honey founders, Ralph and Luella Gambler came up with the idea of the squeezable honey bear packaging in 1957. However, it wasn’t until their company held a contest in 2007 for the honey bear’s 50th birthday that it was eventually dubbed Nugget. The bottle design was never patented which is why you’ll find other companies with their own honey bear packaging.

Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn’s evil Nugget persona spawned a number of fan-run Twitter accounts, shirts, and even led to fans bringing honey bears to live Tenderloins shows. Nugget has laid dormant for several years now, yet has still managed to take over the front page of Google search results.

To celebrate the unexpected return of the What Say You? podcast (after a long hiatus) we’ve collected the top six Nugget the Honey Bear tattoos.

Nugget is just the start – we’ll be featuring our favourite honey themed tattoos in the future. We’ve got 200-plus blog post ideas, so please bear with us. Until then, enjoy these tattoos and the other 700 posts already here on LWG.

If you even just consider copying any of these tattoos, we’ve got three letters for you: GFY


Neo trad Nugget the Honey Bear tattoo by @tattoosbytoby


Healed Nugget the Honey Bear tattoo by @azamp_


Traditional style Nugget the Honey Bear tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos


Nugget the Honey Bear tattoo by @steven_compton


Nugget the Honey Bear tattoo by @amydooz

nugget-the-honey-bear-dragon-tattoo Nugget the Honey Bear Dragon tattoo by @ggtattoos