New + Updated Posts: November 2020 – Littered With Garbage

Here’s a quick guide to all the posts which have been published
or updated on LWG during November 2020.

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Cultaholic’s Hell In A Smell 3 Live Stream: Tattoo Edition

traditional-style-horseshoe-and-horse-shit-pie-tattoo Traditional style horseshoe and horse shit pie tattoo by @stephwtattoos

Bubble Bath Tattoo Inspiration

bubble-bath-gal-tattoo Bubble bath gal tattoo by @lonerosetattoo

There’s a Lot to Love About Arienette Ashman’s Heart Tattoos

dark-mark-themed-love-heart-tattoo Dark Mark themed love heart tattoo by @aatattooer

Top 15 Lava Lamp Tattoos

alien-lava-lamp-tattoo Alien lava lamp tattoo by @graciegoslingtattoos

Top 7 Ghoul Power Tattoos

neo-trad-ghoul-power-tattoo Neo trad Ghoul Power tattoo by @lucybluetattoo

Blooming Beautiful Botanical Tattoos by Abbie Williams

neo-trad-floral-foot-and-ankle-tattoo Neo trad floral foot and ankle tattoo by @abbiewilliamstattoo

LWG’s Top 10 Trixie and Katya Tattoos

part-2-of-2-pop-art-styled-trixie-and-katya-thigh-tattoos Part 2 of 2 pop art styled Trixie and Katya thigh tattoos by @sarahktattoo

Amazing and Absurd Animal Tattoos by Chelsea Shoneck

treefrogfish-tattoo Treefrogfish tattoo by @chelseashoneck

Top 8 Casper the Friendly Ghost Tattoos

casper-the-friendly-ghost-tattoo Casper the Friendly Ghost tattoo by @alexstrangler

Feijoa Tattoo Inspiration

traditional-style-feijoa-tattoo Traditional style feijoa tattoo by @missquartz

Top 8 Disco Ball Tattoos

disco-ball-tattoo Disco ball tattoo by @lindseebeetattoo

Iced Gems Tattoo Inspiration

cute-and-sparkly-jammy-dodger-custard-cream-and-iced-gems-tattoo Cute and sparkly Jammy Dodger, Custard Cream and Iced Gems tattoo by @keelyglitters

Cute + Glittery Knee Tattoos by Keely Glitters

matching-loves-hearts-knee-web-tattoos Matching loves hearts knee web tattoos by @keelyglitters

These Pieces by @meredithtattoo Will Leave You Hungry For a New Tattoo

kawaii-tofu-holding-broccoli-tattoo-2 Kawaii tofu holding broccoli tattoo by @meredithtattoo

Top 15 Party Rings Tattoos

party-rings-decorative-love-heart-tattoo Party Rings decorative love heart tattoo by @dollytattoos

Best of British Icons: Neo Trad Tattoos by Matt Youl

alan-partridge-tattoo-2 Alan Partridge tattoo by @theyoul

French Fancies Tattoo Inspiration

french-fancies-tattoo French Fancies tattoo by @isobelmortontattoo

Stupid and Scary Trad Tattoos by Nick Baldwin

cornholio-and-toilet-paper-banner-and-lettering-tattoo Cornholio and toilet paper banner and lettering tattoo by @nickbaldwintattoo

These Hands Tattoos by Ebony Mellowship Deserve a Standing Ovation

neo-trad-decorative-hand-and-snake-tattoo Neo trad decorative hand and snake tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

Top 10 Jammy Dodger Tattoos

cute-bee-and-jammy-dodger-tattoo Cute bee and jammy dodger tattoo by @isobelmortontattoo

Killer ‘Among Us’ Tattoos

among-us-tattoo Among Us tattoo by @deadleeink

Top 10 Pompompurin Tattoos

pastel-pompompurin-dagger-tattoo Pastel Pompompurin dagger tattoo by @alexiscraneart


Top 8 Quokka Tattoos

floral-quokka-tattoo Floral Quokka tattoo by @amandabrookstattoo

Top 7 Candyman Tattoos

new-school-candyman-tattoo New school Candyman tattoo by @bulman_tattoons

You’ll Go Berserk Over Alice Burke’s Adorable Animal Tattoos

floral-neo-trad-bunny-wearing-a-flower-crown-tattoo Floral neo trad bunny wearing a flower crown tattoo by @ali_burke_tattoo

Professor Frink Tattoo Inspiration

professor-frink-tattoo Professor Frink tattoo by @stickypop

Boo! Spoopy Pusheen Tattoos by Roxy Ryder

boosheen-holding-a-skull-tattoo Boosheen holding a skull. Tattoo by @roxyrydertattoo