New + Updated Posts: March 2021 – Littered With Garbage

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Top 10 S’more Tattoos

healed-smores-tattoo Healed s’mores tattoo by @mattsteblytattoos

‘Will & Grace’ Tattoo Inspiration

karen-walker-kewpie-tattoo Karen Walker kewpie tattoo by @staceymartintattoos

‘Mean Girls’ x Halloween Tattoos

stylised-karen-tattoo Stylised Karen tattoo by @paulacastletattoos

‘Jawbreaker’ Tattoo Inspiration

jawbreaker-themed-tattoo Jawbreaker themed tattoo by @chelseytattoos

LWG’s Guide to the Top ’80s and ’90s Toy Tattoos

Okapi Tattoo Inspiration

illustrative-okapi-tattoo Illustrative okapi tattoo by @justintauchtattoos

‘The Birdcage’ Tattoo Inspiration

albert-as-starina-the-birdcage-tattoo Albert as Starina (The Birdcage) tattoo by @madamefirecrackertattoos

These ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ Tattoos Are Anything but Terrible

neo-trad-muriels-wedding-tattoo Neo trad Muriels Wedding tattoo by @guendouglas

Betty Spaghetty Tattoo Inspiration

betty-spaghetty-tattoo Betty Spaghetty tattoo by @cypress_tattoo

‘Harry Potter’ Howler Tattoos

another-illustrative-watercolour-howler-tattoo Another illustrative watercolour Howler tattoo by @findyoursmile

Top 8 Candy Land Tattoos

princess-lolly-from-candyland-tattoo Princess Lolly from Candyland tattoo by @goldlagrimas

Glo Worm Tattoo Inspiration

care-bear-glo-worm-my-little-pony-troll-polly-pocket-and-candy-tattoo Care Bear, Glo Worm, My Little Pony, Troll, Polly Pocket and candy tattoo by @sam.nancy.tattoos

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Top 10 Croissant Tattoos

cake-donut-croissant-and-swiss-roll-tattoo Cake, donut, croissant and Swiss roll tattoo by @lealigot

‘Sex and the City’ Tattoo Inspiration

samantha-jones-themed-dirty-martini-tattoo Samantha Jones themed dirty martini tattoo by @paulacastletattoos

Top 2 ‘Coming to America’ Tattoos to Celebrate the Release of ‘Coming 2 America’

clarence-the-barber-tattoo Clarence the barber. Tattoo by @kevinlearytattoo

9 Nostalgic British Children’s TV Themed Tattoos

teletubbies-tattoo Teletubbies tattoo by @littlerachtattoo


Popples Tattoo Inspiration

80s-style-popples-tattoo 80s style Popples tattoo by @karenawesom

LWG’s Favourite Meme Tattoos

homer-simpson-disappearing-into-the-bushes-meme-tattoo Homer Simpson disappearing into the bushes meme tattoo by @ericjohntattoos

Top 8 Doug Tattoos

doug-as-quailman-tattoo Doug as Quailman. Tattoo by @jonleightontattoo

Top 7 Duff Beer Tattoos

homer-simpson-enjoying-a-donut-and-a-duff-beer-tattoo Homer Simpson enjoying a donut and a Duff beer. Tattoo by @frechdachstattoo

Hair Styling Tattoo Inspiration

batiste-dry-shampoo-tattoo Batiste dry shampoo tattoo by @rhihusty

Miz Cracker Tattoo Inspiration

traditional-miss-cracker-tattoo Traditional Miss Cracker tattoo by @missquartz

Top 140 ‘Animal Crossing’ Tattoos

orville-animal-crossing-tattoo Orville (Animal Crossing) tattoo by @poopbird

Top 45 ‘Friends’ Tattoos

paper-snow-a-ghost-joeys-answers-from-his-appearance-on-pyramid-tattoo “Paper. Snow. A ghost!” – Joey’s answers from his appearance on Pyramid. Tattoo by @sarahkeeley

Top 6 Sting Tattoos

traditional-style-sting-face-split-tattoo Traditional style Sting face split tattoo by @nate_sprenkle_tattoos