New + Updated Posts: February 2021 – Littered With Garbage

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Top 15 ‘101 Dalmatians’ Tattoos


Perdita and Pongo dalmatian print decorative love heart tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn


Ferris Wheel Tattoo Inspiration


Santa Monica Pier and ferris wheel double exposure skull tattoo by @samkanetattoo




Top 45 Gudetama Tattoos


Gudetama tattoo by @sanyyyo


Top 100 Baby Yoda Tattoos


Baby Yoda tattoo by @tallsarahtattoos

Top 15 Piñata Tattoos

bold-matching-friends-pinata-tattoo-1-of-2 Bold matching friends piñata tattoo (1 of 2) by @missquartz

Top 40 Poison Apple Tattoos

Poison apple Disney mouse ears tattoo by @mikereedtattoo

Top 8 Angry Beavers Tattoos

angry-beavers-tattoo Angry Beavers tattoo by @curtisaldrich

Top 55 Freddie Mercury Tattoos

Traditional sassy Freddie Mercury tattoo by @brooketattooer

‘The Nanny’ Tattoo Inspiration

traditional-nanny-pinup-tattoo Traditional Nanny pinup tattoo by @missquartz

Top 7 General Grievous Tattoos

colour-realism-general-grievous-tattoo Colour realism General Grievous tattoo by @audie_tattoos


Top 40 ‘Alien’ Themed Tattoos

colour-realism-xenomorph-tattoo Colour realism Xenomorph tattoo by @thealexwright


Killer ‘Among Us’ Tattoos

among-us-tattoo Among Us tattoo by @sanyyyo