‘Moulin Rouge’ Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Co-written and directed by Baz Luhrmann, Moulin Rouge was released in 2001 and starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

The romance and drama musical followed the love story between Christian (a writer) and Satine (a performer). Despite being set in 1900, Moulin Rouge had a modern soundtrack, with certain song lyrics changed to fit the narrative.

Moulin Rouge features elaborate, decorative and colourful set dressing and costumes which you may wish to embrace for your tattoo, or go in the opposite direction with a colour realism portrait of your favourite character.

We’ve not yet watched this film (we’ll get around to it eventually), but we have listened to the cover of Labelle’s song “Lady Marmalade” hundreds of times over the years. If you’re a huge fan of P!nk, Mya, Lil’ Kim or Christina Aguilera, then perhaps you could add a Moulin Rouge spin to a tattoo of one of them.

Use the below Moulin Rouge tattoos to spark your imagination, but remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.