Monster Munch Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Monster Munch are a baked corn snack food available in the UK. Launched in 1977, the crisps were originally named The Prime Monster – a play on The Prime Minster – until Smiths changed their named to Monster Munch the following year.

Given the current state of UK politics and the power of social media, we’re surprised that someone hasn’t started a petition to have the name changed back to The Prime Monster.

We’re not too sure how true this is, but Monster Munch is said to be James Bond’s favourite snack. We can’t imagine them going down well with his shaken, not stirred martini nor a beer like he now drinks, but having never tried them we’re not the best to judge his choices.

The ’80s saw a monster attached to each of the four flavours of Monster Munch; without any names, they were known just by their colour. Walkers took over the Monster Munch brand in 1995. Over the years, the flavours and the monsters have changed a number of times. In 2009 Monster Munch were relaunched with a return to the original retro designs.

It’s extremely unlikely that we’ll ever see James Bond reveal a Monster Munch tattoo, but is it something you would consider getting?