Mid-Century Modern Floral Tattoos by Jennifer Trok – Littered With Garbage

If, like us, you watch far too many HGTV shows and are obsessed with the architecture and interior design from the mid-century modern period, then we think that you’ll love today’s post.

Are you looking for a way to combine your love for mid-century modern design and the art of tattooing? Look no further than the work of Jennifer Trok.

Within the vast array of tattoo styles on display online, Jennifer Trok has managed to combine the technique and application of traditional tattoos with floral mid-century modern interior design to create these unique pieces.

House tattoos can totally be cute too, but this selection of tattoos is inspired only by the wallpaper, furnishings, tiles, fabrics and patterns of the time.

Check out these wonderful floral pieces by Jennifer Trok and then be sure to give her a follow on Instagram.