LWG’s Tattoo Tag – Littered With Garbage

Since so many of us are practising social distancing and avoiding leaving the house, we’ve put together some questions for you about our (and probably your) favourite topic: tattoos!

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Now, onto the questions.

1.The first tattoo artist whose work you admired?

2. Name an artist you first disliked but now love their work.

3. Name any tattoo artists you love but wouldn’t get tattooed by.

4. Who are the most recent tattoo artists that you’ve just discovered?

5. Is there another person’s tattoo you love and wish was on your body?

6. Who is your favourite tattooed celebrity?

7. Do you ever secretly compare the likes on your tattoo compared to the other work on your artist’s Instagram account?

8. What tattoos would you get to represent each member of your family?

9. Do you prefer lyrics over visuals for a band/singer inspired tattoo?

10. Name a tattoo artist whose work you have fallen out of love with.

11. Which body parts do you never intend on tattooing, and why?

12. Name the top 5 tattoo artists on your wishlist.

13. What’s your next tattoo you have planned but have yet to book an appointment for?