LWG’s Tattoo Savings Challenges – Littered With Garbage

Excerpt taken from our post: LWG’s Tattoo Budgeting Tips + 52 Week Savings Challenges. Click here to read more tattoo budgeting tips.

We’re guilty of watching far too many cash envelope stuffing videos on YouTube these past few weeks – the algorithm really knows how to target you. Taking inspiration from these videos, we’ve created some tattoo savings challenges for ourselves that we’d love to share with you.

Click on your country below to discover the five different savings challenges we have created for you.

U.S.A. Tattoo Savings Challenges

U.K. Tattoo Savings Challenges

Australia Tattoo Savings Challenges

Canada Tattoo Savings Challenges

New Zealand Tattoo Savings Challenges

On Instagram, either tag us @litteredwithgarbage or use the hashtags #LWGTSC or #LitteredWithGarbageTattooSavingsChallenge and show us which challenges you’re participating it. We’d love to see updates over the coming months and how successful you’ve been over the course of 52 weeks.

NOTE: While these savings challenges are specific to certain countries (ones where the majority of our readers live) and their currencies, if you’re from elsewhere in the world, it’s easy enough for you to make some slight alterations with the help of a currency converter tool.