LWG’s Guide to WrestleMania-Worthy Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

It’s that time of the year again: WWE WrestleMania weekend.

Sadly, due to international travel restrictions it’s the second year in a row where many fans have been unable to attend the event in person, so we’d thought we would try to cheer you up with this guide to the best wrestling tattoos.

And, in even better news, tattoo parlours are again beginning to reopen in parts of the US and the UK, so now’s the perfect time to find a tattoo artist to bring your wrestling tattoo dreams to life.

If you don’t see your favourite wrestler here, don’t fret – there’s more wrestling themed tattoo lists still to come on LWG.

Top 30 Undertaker Tattoos

colour-realism-undertaker-and-paul-bearer-tattoo Colour realism Undertaker tattoo by @paulmarinotattoo

Top 10 Kane Tattoos

colour-realism-kane-tattoo Colour realism Kane tattoo by @kristiankimonides

Wrestling Weapons Tattoo Inspiration

tlc-sledgehammer-and-wwf-womens-championship-title-tattoo TLC, sledgehammer and WWF Women’s Championship Title tattoo by @ashleyluka

Top 8 Shawn Michaels Tattoos

stylised-neo-trad-shawn-michaels-tattoo Stylised neo trad Shawn Michaels tattoo by @nathanevans32

Top 6 Sting Tattoos

traditional-style-sting-face-split-tattoo Traditional style Sting face split tattoo by @nate_sprenkle_tattoos

Top 20 Ric Flair Tattoos

colour-realism-ric-flair-tattoo Ric Flair tattoo by @gooneytoons

Top 10 Scott Hall + Razor Ramon Tattoos

razor-ramon-tattoo Razor Ramon tattoo by @richie_blackheart

Top 20 Macho Man Randy Savage Tattoos

black-and-grey-macho-man-randy-savage-tattoo Macho Man Randy Savage tattoo by @zackindertattoos

Paul Bearer Tattoo Inspiration

stylised-neo-trad-paul-bearer-portrait-tattoo Stylised neo trad Paul Bearer portrait tattoo by @ernstkrone

Top 12 Bret Hart Tattoos

black-and-grey-bret-hart-portrait-tattoo Black and grey Bret Hart portrait tattoo by @sonnymitchellta2

Top 13 CM Punk Tattoos

bold-cm-punk-praying-hands-tattoo Bold CM Punk praying hands tattoo by @garethbannister_tattooer

The Rock Tattoo Inspiration

traditional-the-rock-tattoo Traditional The Rock tattoo by @endless_matt_tbobs

Top 15 Stone Cold Steve Austin Tattoos

stunned-new-school-stone-cold-steve-austin-tattoo Stone Cold Steve Austin tattoo by @wantmaker

Jeff Hardy Tattoo Inspiration

jeff-hardy-kewpie-tattoo Jeff Hardy kewpie tattoo by @randyhallht

Cultaholic’s Hell In A Smell 3 Live Stream: Tattoo Edition

traditional-style-horseshoe-and-horse-shit-pie-tattoo Traditional style horseshoe and horse shit pie tattoo by @stephwtattoos

Goldust Tattoo Inspiration

goldust-tattoo Goldust tattoo by @wavetattoos

Top 10 Hulk Hogan Tattoos

colour-realism-hulk-hogan-tattoo Colour realism Hulk Hogan tattoo by @crojasart

Top 20 Mick Foley Tattoos

the-three-faces-of-foley-cactus-jack-mankind-and-dude-love-themed-tattoo The Three Faces of Foley. Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love themed tattoo by @paulacastletattoos

Bret Hart x ‘The Simpsons’ Tattoo Inspiration

bret-hart-x-simpsons-tattoo Bret Hart x Simpsons tattoo by @chris_jenko_tattooer