Laugh At These Yoda Tattoos, You Will – Littered With Garbage

You’ve seen LWG’s selection of the top 35 Yoda tattoos, and now things are going to get a little silly.

Reputable, talented tattoo artists take their craft seriously, but the tattoos they produce quite often contain a level of humour. Get a funny tattoo done well and people will be laughing with you, not at you.

There’s no wrong way to express your love for Yoda and these tattoos certainly push the boundaries of what you may think a Yoda should be.  Open your mind to a whole new world of tattoo possibilities.

Laugh at these 10 funny Yoda tattoos, you will.


Yoda x Sucky Panther tattoo by @coryhaberman


New school Yoda burger tattoo by @kevinboudreau_


Baby Yoda tattoo by @fakelegfoxtattoo


Traditional style Yoda doughnut tattoo by @amandabrookstattoo


Mr Poopybutthole x Yoda tattoo by @tyler480


Neo trad stylised Cholo Yoda tattoo by @desireemattivi_tattoos


Traditional style Yoda pickle tattoo by @mike_tea_tattoos