‘King of the Hill’ Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

King of the Hill was an animated sitcom created by Mike Judge (Beavis & Butt-Head) and Greg Daniels (US Office). The show premiered in 1997 and concluded in 2010 after 13 seasons and 259 episodes.

King of the Hill introduced audiences to the Hill family, including husband and wife, Hank and Peggy, their son, Bobby and niece Luanne, voiced by the late Brittany Murphy (Clueless). Other dearly departed entertainers such as Tom Petty and Alan Rickman (Harry Potter & Die Hard) had also voiced characters on the series.

The animated series followed the main characters’ interactions with their neighbours and friends in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas. With story lines based in reality, they felt as though they were real people as opposed to just cartoon characters. They’re flawed – just as we all are – as they go about their lives, dealing with personal and societal changes. If anything, the show’s a reminder of the importance of common decency.

King of the Hill had a running gag that Peggy was a substitute Spanish teacher despite having a poor grasp of the language. With such a strange cast of characters, do any of them resemble people in your own life?

In recent years, King of the Hill has been added to and removed from various streaming services. We’re envious of anyone with the entire series on DVD as official DVD and Blu-ray releases are either difficult to come by or are rather expensive. Despite our intense desire to add this show to our physical media collection, we refuse to buy the dodgy bootleg discs online. Just as we frown upon copying and stealing tattoo designs, we want nothing but genuine DVDs.

Of all the King of the Hill tattoos we found they’re mainly of the Hill family, but we’d love to see some of Hank’s best friends, or other Arlen townsfolk. Which character do you hope to one day get a tattoo of?


Bobby Hill tattoo by @alexstrangler


Peggy Hill tattoo by @bobbybosak


Bobby Hill tattoos by @krisclosetattoos


Hank Hill love heart tattoo by @bobbybosak


Bobby Hill gap filler tattoo by @j00lie


Bobby Hill x Cupid tattoo by @missmaelaroux