Jeff Hardy Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

As one of a few heavily tattooed wrestlers, and with a 25-plus year career, we’re surprised that there are so few tattoos of Jeff Hardy (and his brother, Matt) in existence.

Putting his body on the line for our entertainment, a tattoo won’t hurt nearly as much in comparison to what Jeff has experienced in those classic TLC matches.

With so many years of matches and promo images, hair and wrestling attire changes, there’s a mountain of content from which to draw inspiration. Jeff’s black light face paint; Willow, his alter ego; the Hardy Boyz or Team Extreme logo – these are just a few ideas.

We implore you not to be like The Rock fans who have copied his tattoos line for line – get a tattoo of Jeff Hardy and not of Jeff Hardy’s tattoos. Tattoo etiquette still extends to people in the public eye.


Jeff Hardy kewpie tattoo by @randyhallht


Black and grey Jeff Hardy tattoo by @debitattooer