Jayson Tatum Tattoo

Jayson Tatum is an up-and-coming NBA star who has become known for his impressive on-court performances and his unique sense of style. Recently, he has made a statement with his new tattoo that has been making headlines. The tattoo, located on the inside of his arm, features the face of a lion surrounded by roses and thorns. This tattoo is a symbolic representation of the obstacles he has faced in his journey to NBA stardom and a reminder to stay focused on achieving greatness. It is an inspiring piece of artwork that speaks volumes about the determination and dedication Jayson Tatum puts into his game everyday.Jayson Tatum has a tattoo of a lion on his right shoulder.

What Does Jayson Tatum’s Tattoo Mean?

Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics’ star forward, has a tattoo on his arm that he says is a reminder of his mother. The tattoo reads “Momma’s Boy.” It serves as a tribute to his mother, Brandy Cole, who was the one who pushed him to pursue basketball and made sure he stayed out of trouble while growing up in St. Louis. Tatum has said that his mother is the one person he wants to make proud and that having her name inked on his arm helps him stay focused on what’s important.

Tatum’s tattoo isn’t just a tribute to his mother though; it also serves as a reminder of the hard work and dedication it took for him to make it to the NBA. He was passed over by some teams during the draft but eventually landed with the Celtics, where he has become an All Star player. His tattoo is a reminder that hard work pays off and that you should never give up on your dreams.

Tatum’s tattoo is also symbolic of his dedication to family. He often talks about how much he loves and appreciates his mom and how she has always been there for him no matter what. He also has tattoos dedicated to his siblings and father, which serve as reminders of their unbreakable bond.

Jayson Tatum’s “Momma’s Boy” tattoo serves as an important reminder of the people who have helped him achieve success and get where he is today — and it isn’t just about basketball either; it symbolizes family, dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

Jayson Tatum’s Tattoo

Jayson Tatum is a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has a tattoo on his right arm that he got when he was 18 years old. The tattoo is of an angel with wings and a halo, which symbolizes his faith in God. It also serves as a reminder to stay humble and keep working hard.

Tatum’s tattoo was done by renowned artist, Dr. Woo, at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, California. Dr. Woo is known for creating unique tattoos with fine details and intricate designs, which makes it perfect for Tatum’s design. The detail of the wings and halo are especially striking because of their intricate shapes and shading.

The placement of the tattoo on Tatum’s arm is also significant because it is visible when he takes off his jersey after a game or when he lifts up his sleeve during interviews or press conferences. This serves as a reminder to him to stay humble no matter what success he achieves on the court and in life.

Jayson Tatum’s tattoo is an inspiring reminder to everyone that hard work pays off and that staying humble will help you reach your goals. It also shows that having faith in something greater than yourself can lead you down the right path in life.

Who Designed Jayson Tatum’s Tattoo?

Jayson Tatum is an NBA star and his tattoos are part of his personal style. He has several tattoos that represent his faith, family, and career accomplishments. But who designed these impressive pieces of art?

Tatum’s tattoos were designed by a talented artist named Shawn Barber. Barber is a popular tattoo artist from Los Angeles and has been creating unique designs for celebrities for years. He specializes in black-and-gray tattoo designs, so it was no surprise when Tatum chose him to create the artwork for his tattoos.

Tatum’s first tattoo was a bible verse inked on his arm that reads “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). This design was created by Barber and was a tribute to Tatum’s faith and resilience. It is one of the most meaningful pieces of body art that Barber has ever created for a celebrity client.

Barber also designed the rest of Tatum’s tattoos, which include another bible verse on his chest, an image of Jesus on his shoulder blade, and an eagle on his back. Each design was carefully thought out by Barber to ensure they fit perfectly with Tatum’s style.

Overall, Shawn Barber is the talented artist behind Jayson Tatum’s impressive body art. He has done an incredible job creating meaningful designs that represent Tatum’s faith, family, and career accomplishments.

How Long Did it Take to Create Jayson Tatum’s Tattoo?

Jayson Tatum’s tattoo took approximately three hours to create. The artist, Chino, used a combination of black and gray ink to create the tattoo. It was a complex design that included various symbols and shapes that came together to form an intricate design. The artist was careful to make sure each line and detail was perfect in order to recreate the tattoo exactly as it was intended.

The process started with Chino drawing out an outline of the tattoo on Tatum’s skin. He then proceeded to fill in the details of the tattoo, slowly building up the design one line at a time. Each stroke of the needle had to be precise in order for all of the lines and shading to come together correctly.

After all of the details were added, Chino added color to certain parts of the tattoo in order for it to stand out more and give it more depth. Once everything was finished, Chino applied a protective layer of ointment over Tatum’s skin in order for him to properly heal and take care of his new piece of art.

Overall, the entire process took just over three hours for Jayson Tatum’s tattoo from start to finish. However, this can vary depending on how intricate your design is and how much detail you want your artist to include in your new piece of art. The amount of time your artist takes will depend on their skill level as well as how comfortable you are with them working on your body art.

Jayson Tatum’s Tattoo

Jayson Tatum is a professional basketball player currently playing for the Boston Celtics in the NBA. He is known for his unique style of play and his impressive tattoos. The question of when Jayson got his tattoos has been asked by many fans.

Jayson got his first tattoo when he was seventeen years old, while playing for Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis. He had a tattoo of an eye on the back of his neck, which he has said was a reminder to stay focused on what is important in life.

After graduating from Chaminade, Tatum committed to Duke University where he continued to play basketball and get more tattoos. It was at Duke that he got his signature tattoo of a phoenix on his arm, which is meant to symbolize rising from the ashes and coming back stronger than ever before.

Jayson declared for the NBA draft after one season at Duke and was selected third overall by the Boston Celtics in 2017. After being drafted by the Celtics, Jayson got several more tattoos including a Celtic knot on his forearm and an eagle on his chest that represents strength and resilience.

So it appears that Jayson Tatum got most of his tattoos before joining the NBA, but he has added even more since then as well. Whether it’s used as motivation or simply just art, it’s clear that Jayson loves expressing himself through ink and people around the world have taken notice.

Other Types of Body Art

Jayson Tatum is known for his impressive body art. He has tattoos all over his arms, shoulders, and chest that depict meaningful symbols of his life, faith, and beliefs. He also has a few piercings in his ears that add to his unique look. Other than tattoos and piercings, Tatum also wears jewelry as a form of body art. He has several gold chains and bracelets that he often pairs with his outfits. He also likes to wear rings to add to the overall effect of his look.

Tatum has recently been spotted with temporary tattoos on his body. This type of body art is popular among celebrities because it allows them to express themselves without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. Some of the designs Tatum has been seen sporting include skulls, crosses, and other symbols of strength and protection. He often changes up these designs depending on what he is feeling or what message he wants to convey.

Another type of body art that Jayson Tatum likes to use is henna tattoos. These are temporary tattoos made from a paste made from various plants that can last anywhere from days to weeks depending on where they are placed on the body and how much care they receive during their lifetime. Henna tattoos are usually used in cultural ceremonies or events but can also be used for decorative purposes as well.

Jayson Tatum’s unique style makes him stand out in any crowd. His combination of body art, jewelry, temporary tattoos, and henna tattoos make him truly unique in the world of basketball stars today.

Is There Any Special Meaning Behind the Design of Jayson Tatum’s Tattoo?

Jayson Tatum has an impressive collection of tattoos that cover his body, and each one has its own special meaning. The designs are all unique and tell a story about the Boston Celtics star. So what is the special meaning behind the design of Jayson Tatum’s tattoo?

The most prominent tattoo on Jayson Tatum’s body is a portrait of his late grandmother, Alice, who passed away when he was only three years old. It serves as a reminder to always cherish the time we have with our loved ones. Additionally, it symbolizes his strong connection to his grandmother and her unwavering support for him throughout his life.

Another popular tattoo on Jayson Tatum’s body is a quote from basketball legend Kobe Bryant. It reads, “Be Stronger Than Your Excuses,” which serves as a reminder to stay focused and driven in pursuit of your goals. This is something that many athletes strive for, and it has become a source of motivation for Jayson Tatum throughout his career.

The design of Jayson Tatum’s third major tattoo is an abstract interpretation of space and time. It symbolizes how quickly life can change, and how important it is to make every moment count. This piece also serves as a reminder to appreciate the present moment and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

The design of each one of Jayson Tatum’s tattoos is meaningful in its own way, but they all serve to remind him to stay focused on what matters most in life: family, hard work, loyalty, and seizing every opportunity that comes your way.


Jayson Tatum’s tattoo is a testament to his commitment to his family and the values that have shaped him. It is a tribute to his parents, who have been his biggest supporters throughout his career. It is also a reflection of the hard work that he has put in to become one of the top players in the NBA. Tatum’s tattoo serves as an inspiration to others who are striving for greatness, and it will remain an important part of his life for years to come.

Tatum’s tattoo is a reminder of how far he has come and how much he has accomplished in such a short time. It is a sign of respect for those who have supported him, and it is also a symbol of hope for those still striving for success. Tatum’s tattoo will always be an inspiration and reminder of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.