‘Jawbreaker’ Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Jawbreaker is a 1999 comedy film starring Judy Greer (Halloween – 2018) and Rose McGowan (pre-Charmed) and follows three best friends as they deal with the sudden, accidental death of their friend on her 17th birthday.

Rather than deal with the problem and fess up, they decide to go about their lives as normal. Of course it doesn’t go to plan and everyone eventually gets their just desserts.

While Jawbreaker can be compared to Heathers, the film obviously serves as visual inspiration for Mean Girls. If you’ve never seen Jawbreaker, think Mean Girls but with actual murder. The bright and colourful costumes disguise the dark interior and evil bubbling inside of the main characters, particularly Courtney (McGowan).

Jawbreaker was a commercial failure at the box office, but has a cult following with ’90s kids. In 2013 there was a musical adaptation and a television series is said to be in the development stage.

We’ve found just three Jawbreaker inspired tattoos to share with you today, but we thought we’d include a few tattoo ideas to spark your imagination. You could get a single Jawbreaker candy as a gap filler; a cross-section of a Jawbreaker, to see all the layers of the sweet, sugary treat; a stylised portrait of your favourite character.

Get ready to give Jawbreaker another viewing after seeing these tattoos.


Jawbreaker movie tattoo by @goldlagrimas

jawbreaker-themed-tattoo Jawbreaker themed tattoo by @chelseytattoos