‘Harry Potter’, Halloween and Healed Tattoos by Kira Bishop – Littered With Garbage

Struggled for a while to come up with a clever headline for this TAP when it was literally staring at us. Amongst other things, you’ll find an abundance of Harry Potter and Halloween themed tattoos, along with images of healed pieces on Kira Bishop’s Instagram feed.

Fun fact: Kira featured in our very first article here on LWG, way back on April 16, 2018.

Now working at Dovetail Tattoo East in Austin, Texas, Kira describes her tattoos as ‘bubblegum traditional’ which is a term that really encapsulates everything about her style. The bold lines, shading and colour saturation are borrowed from traditional techniques, but applied to spoopy, kawaii and pop culture, with the addition of decorative elements to add more flair.

Tattoo glitter is not an easy decorative element to master despite them being just dots of ink. Kira has an eye for the right combination of colours and the number and placement of the dots to add just the right about of sparkle.

When scrolling through her feed, we had to do a double take with some of her Instagram posts because we for sure thought the healed photos were of fresh tattoos. The fact that her tattoos heal so incredibly well is a testament to the talent of Kira and her clients following their aftercare directions.

When it’s ever safe to travel to and around the America, Kira will definitely be a stop on our tattoo trek across the US. Click here to view the other 30-plus posts Kira has been featured in on LWG


Flying key tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Cranky Sorting Hat tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Ghost kitty tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Spoopy haunted house tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Spooky black cat ice cream cone tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Witch Please candy hearts tattoo by @kirabishoppp


Healed SpongeBob SquarePants and Squidward tattoo by @kirabishoppp