Goldust Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

When you want to remember more than just the name of Goldust, you get a Goldust tattoo, right?

Dustin Rhodes has been known by many names throughout his 30-plus year wrestling career, however, the one which remains iconic (despite some past controversy) has to be Goldust.

The character was intended to be a parody of the Oscar statue and the film industry. The elaborate costuming in various shades of gold has evolved over time, with more black being introduced to the face paint and wrestling attire.

In the late 90s Goldust would change up his face paint and look entirely, even taking inspiration from other wrestlers and entertainers, and changing his name to match ie. Vaderdust and Marilyn Mansondust.

WWE, WCW, TNA, AEW: which Dustin Rhodes character will you choose?

With a tattoo you’ll always “remember the name… Goldust!”


Goldust tattoo by @wavetattoos


Goldust tattoo by @rempetattoo


Goldust x Barbie = Goldie. Tattoo by @cohv_ink