Gang-Gang Cockatoo Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

The white and the sulphur-crested are likely the two cockatoo species you’re most familiar with. In fact, it wasn’t until a couple of months ago – while researching Australian state and territory flora and fauna emblems – that we became aware of this bird’s existence.

The gang-gang cockatoo is found in only a small area of forests and wetlands in the south-eastern region of Australia. They also happen to be the animal emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

The females all grey in colour, while the male gang-gang cockatoos are grey with a red head and crest.

Due to their small population and little public awareness of the species, there are few tattoos of the gang-gang cockatoo online, but are you looking to change that?

You’re sure to find your preferred artist in any of the Bird Month posts, or even any of our other dog or cat themed posts. Check out the tattoos below and then begin your search!


Traditional style gang-gang cockatoo tattoo by @garethdaviestattoo


Neo trad gang-gang tattoo by @drea.darling


Neo trad gang-gang tattoo by @clareclarity

gang-gang-cockatoo-tattoo-inspiration Gang-gang cockatoo tattoo by @amy_autumn_tattoos