Five Years On: The Impractical Jokers Get Punishment Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Before there was Just Tattoo Of Us and How Far Is Tattoo Far? there was an Impractical Joker who selected personalised tattoos as punishment for his three friends.

Who are the Impractical Jokers? They’re a group of four friends from high school who compete against each other in a series of challenges, and if they refuse to do or say something then they lose. Whoever has the most thumbs down at the end of each and every episode gets punished.

The punishments range from public humiliation, to the Jokers being forced to face a personal phobia or fear. Some of the past 200 punishments have included: * Q teaching sex education to his parents; * Sal and Joe (with no musical experience) performing as the opening act for Imagine Dragons; * Murr getting body parts pierced until he answers three questions correctly.

This month marked five years since Q, Sal and Murr were on the receiving end of one of our personal favourite punishments.

In ‘The Permanent Punishment’ episode the challenges involved acting as drug store security guards where they had to do and say as they were told, and then competing against one another to clip balloons onto unsuspecting grocery store customers without being caught.

At the conclusion of the episode, three of the four Jokers were tied with the same number of thumbs down which meant Joe was the winner and a triple punishment was in order.

After losing the episode, the three Jokers were taken to East Side Ink in NYC to be punished in the most permanent of ways: with tattoos.

Murr, Q, and Sal being told what their punishment will be.

There was no consultation with the tattoo artist nor did Q, Sal, or Murr have the opportunity to see the design before going under the needle. Once completed, all four Jokers went outside to reveal their tattoos to one another and finally see for themselves what design Joe had chosen for each of them. Needless to say their reactions were rather amusing.

Compared to the tattoos on Just Tattoo Of Us and How Far Is Tattoo Far?, and the thousands we see daily on Instagram, the guys should consider themselves lucky to have received semi-decent tattoos despite having no say in the design or the tattoo artist.

The four remain friends – Impractical Jokers is now in its 8th season – although the same cannot be said for participants in the UK and US tattoo reality shows.

Like us, do you hope that the Jokers will one day exact revenge on Joe by giving him his own punishment tattoo?

Watch the video above and then click here for Sal’s full reaction

After five years, we’re still left wondering: does Will Smith truly love his son when even he doesn’t have a portrait tattoo of Jaden on his body?

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