Ferris Wheel Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

The original Ferris wheel, named after its designer, George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., was displayed at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Similar structures date back to the 17th century which were constructed from wood and required strong men to turn them

For 65 years the 65m Wiener Riesenrad in Vienna, Austria was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. In the decades since, a number of large wheels have been built around the world, with many competing to be the biggest and best. The London Eye, which this year turns 20, held the title of world’s tallest wheel for six years. At 167.6m, the High Roller in Las Vegas is currently the tallest – how long until another city takes the title?

Ferris wheels have evolved into observation wheels, centreless wheels and transportable wheels which now mainly act as tourist attractions rather than an amusement ride like the original Ferris wheels.

Inspired by a favourite film, a trip to Santa Monica, a toy you owned as a child, or simply your love for the amusement ride – there are countless ways to express your love for Ferris wheels in tattoo form.

Take a look at the tattoos below, but remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.


Grease themed ferris wheel and car tattoo by @aatattooer


Santa Monica Pier and ferris wheel double exposure skull tattoo by @samkanetattoo

care-bears-care-a-lot-ferris-wheel-tattoo Care Bears Care-a-Lot ferris wheel tattoo by @sam.nancy.tattoos