Diet Coke Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

It has since been almost four decades since the sugar-free Coca-Cola alternative, Diet Coke, was launched. For almost a century, regular Coke was the only other Coca-Cola trademarked carbonated cola drink made by the company.

Diet Coke has a completely different formulation to what the Brits refer to as “Full Fat” Coke – it’s not just a matter of removing the sugar from the Coca-Cola recipe and replacing it with sweeteners.

For the majority of our childhood, Diet Coke was marketed as a product predominantly for females due to its low calorie content; some just prefer the taste of it over regular Coca-Cola.

Diet Coke and tattoos have some things in common: people will say they’re bad for you and others will mention that they can become addictive. What we do believe is how great these Diet Coke tattoos are.

Your Diet Coke tattoo can be inspired by the different Diet Coke flavours, packaging design, be either a glass bottle or a can, and you can customise it further with the addition of decorative elements.

This collection of Diet Coke tattoos is just one of a number of drink inspired tattoo lists being published soon. Keep your eyes on our Instagram account @litteredwithgarbage for updates.


Sparkly Diet Coke tattoo by @keelyglitters


Diet Coke tattoo by @kirabishoppp