#DescribeAYoutuberWithATattoo Challenge – Littered With Garbage

We first did this as a joke on Twitter for Treacle Tatts but we think we could all have some real fun with this #DescribeAYoutuberWithATattoo challenge.

It’s as simple as finding a tattoo that describes the personality, interests, hobbies, style of videos, or even the pets of your favourite YouTuber. The second part of the challenge is finding a decent tattoo from a reputable artist that best fits the theme.

Play along on Twitter by tweeting us @LWGdotcom, using the hashtag #DescribeAYoutuberWithATattoo, and tagging the YouTuber in question. Make sure to also include the Instagram handle of the artist responsible for the tattoo, either by linking to their Instagram account or by typing –  artist ig: artistname

Here are a couple of other examples we’ve come up with:


If we get some good ones submitted we’ll consider compiling them all into a future blog post.

The challenge has been set. Do you accept?