Brussels Sprouts Tattoos by Karolina Sylwia That Are so Damn Stinking Cute – Littered With Garbage

There is no more divisive vegetable than Brussels sprouts. You either enjoy the taste of them or hate them with a passion. There is, however, one thing for sure: you’re going to love these sprout tattoos by Karolina Sylwia.

Brussels sprouts are a cruciferous vegetable and belong to the same cultivar group of vegetables such as collard greens, broccoli, kale and cabbage.

Despite their name, Brussels sprouts are thought to have been native to the Mediterranean region before being introduced to the Northern countries of Europe. Cultivation in Belgium began in the 13th century, and due to being grown near Brussels they adopted the name Brussels sprouts.

The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom are now the largest producers of Brussels sprouts; Belgium may have lost the French fry war but they’ve managed to keep their name attached to these sprouts.

These mini cabbages take three to six months to grow large enough to be harvested – be glad that a tattoo takes a fraction of that time.

Working out of Terry’s Tattoo Studio in Glasgow, Scotland, Karolina Sylwia’s tattoos could be described as an evolution of the traditional style of tattooing. With bold lines and the colour packed in, her online folio consists of food with faces, aliens, ladies, and an abundance of animals.

We’re big fans of both Brussels sprouts and Karolina’s work – perhaps there’s a new tattoo in our future?

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