Boo! Spoopy Pusheen Tattoos by Roxy Ryder – Littered With Garbage

There’s a whopping 348 days to go, but Pusheen is all ready for Halloween 2021 – are you? We’ll admit that this post was meant to be published for Halloween 2020; better late than never, right?

Pusheen tattoos – and we mean good Pusheen tattoos – have certainly grown in numbers since we launched our Kawaii Month series in 2018. If you take a quick scroll through the hashtags on Instagram, one of the names that you’ll continually see popping up is Roxy Ryder.

Roxy Ryder (@roxyrydertattoo on Instagram) owns Little Kawaii Workshop, a private studio in Altrincham, roughly 10 miles south-west of Manchester, England.

You’ve likely seen Roxy’s work in one of the 60 other posts her work has been featured in here on LWG. Her signature style of bold lines and colourful dots, combined with an often kawaii or spoopy theme somehow manages to transform anything from horror villains, food and cartoon characters into just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

We love that Pusheen ghosts are so aptly named Boosheen, so we’ve picked a few of Roxy’s Boosheen tattoos, along with some other equally adorable Halloween themed Pusheen pieces for you to enjoy.

Yes, we’ve already done a post on the top 15 Pusheen tattoos and the top 15 spoopy Pusheen tattoos, but are you ready for more?


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