Bloody Mary Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

A Bloody Mary is a vodka-based cocktail, which is more savoury than sweet. Sometimes referred to as hair of the dog, it is often associated as a hangover cure.

A Bloody Mary is served on the rocks in a highball glass and generally contains tomato juice, lemon, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, celery salt, and black pepper. It can be garnished with something small and simple like a stalk or celery, a slice of citrus, or pickles – sometimes it’s something more substantial like bacon, shrimp or dried sausage.

The Bloody Mary was created approximately 100 years ago, although no definite place/person/year of its creation has ever been confirmed; the name is even a contentious topic. It’s not just enjoyable to drink Bloody Marys, but it’s actually fascinating to read about cocktail history.

There are other variants of Bloody Marys including the Virgin Mary, Red Snapper/Bloody Margaret, and the Caesar.

Just like with the drink, customise your Bloody Mary tattoo to your own artistic taste. You could even turn this cocktail into an ode to the Bloody Mary folklore tale by adding some spooky or even spoopy elements to the piece – skull shaped ice cubes in the drink is what we’d go with.

Whatever your decision, ensure you hold of on enjoying a Bloody Mary (or two, or three…) until after your tattoo appointment.