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Backstreet Boys vs. NYSNC – we’re reigniting the boy band battle that was waged in the late ’90s and early ’00s.

There were many boy bands of that time period but none at the level of these two. We all had that one favourite member from each boy band – ours were Nick and JC.

Tattoos are used as a way to express our true love for things (movies, music, family) both past and present. Just like The Beatles fandom still exists, there are still die-hard BSB and NSYNC fans out there – none more so than the people with the tattoos we’re about to show you.

Since few women were getting tattooed while these groups were in their prime, it is only now that we’re seeing Backstreet Boys and NSYNC tattoos.

There are few of either group, although we shouldn’t be all that surprised given the small number of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (post coming soon) tattoos we’ve seen. When it comes to ’90s films and television shows, we could show you hundreds and thousands of fan tattoos; nostalgia for these groups remains in simply listening to the music for many, it appears.

Which boy band fan’s tattoo wins? Leave your choice in the comment section below.

Backstreet Boys

Years Active: 1993 – present
Albums: Backstreet Boys – Backstreet’s Back – Millennium – Black & Blue – Never Gone – Unbreakable – This Is Us – In A World Like This – DNA

Record Sales: over 100 million


Years Active: 1995-2002
Albums: NSYNC – No Strings Attached – Celebrity
Record Sales: 50-70 million


Backstreet Boys

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