Band Aid Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Band aid is now a generic term used in several countries for what is an adhesive bandage (or plasters, in some countries).

Their history begins way back in 1880 when Paul Carl Beiersdorf and Paul Gerson Unna thought of the idea, but it wasn’t until 1901 that another German, Oskar Troplowitz actually invented, produced and popularised their use.

The brand and product, Band-Aid were created in 1920 and is owned by Johnson & Johnson. Thomas Anderson and Earle Dickson were behind the idea as Dickson’s wife was apparently a bit of a clumsy cook and the creation of Band-Aid enabled people to dress a small cut or abrasion without assistance.

Band-Aids were first made by hand until four years later when machines were built to manufacture them. Shockingly, Band-Aids weren’t sterilised until 1939. In 1951 (70 years ago!) decorative Band-Aids were first produced and have since featured licensed characters such as Mickey Mouse, Rugrats, and Barbie.

A band aid tattoo can represent that you’re an emotional person (and that’s completely okay by the way), clumsy, or even as a way to decorate your body in order to heal old emotional or even physical wounds/scars.

Your design can be simple or decorative just like actual Band-Aids – resembling something you can buy from a store or a really creative, unique piece.


Sketchy band-aid tattoo by @violadibitattoo


Orange slice and band-aid tattoo by @missquartz


Cry baby band-aid knee tattoo by @aatattooer