How To Dispose Tattoo Needles


Tattoo needles are a vital part of the tattooing process, but their disposal must be done correctly in order to prevent the spread of infection. This guide will explain the necessary steps for disposing of tattoo needles safely and responsibly.To safely dispose of tattoo needles, it is important to follow the steps outlined by the … Read more

How To Become A Paramedical Tattoo Artist


Becoming a paramedical tattoo artist can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path for those who have an interest in helping people and an artistic eye. Paramedical tattoo artists specialize in creating tattoos that are used to cover scars, skin grafts, birthmarks, and other skin imperfections. The job requires a great deal of skill and … Read more

How Much Are Tattoos In Mexico


Tattooing is an ancient art form that has been practiced around the world for centuries. Mexico is no exception, and tattoos have become increasingly popular in the country in recent years. Whether you’re looking for a small piece of body art or something more elaborate, it’s important to know how much tattoos cost in Mexico … Read more

Get What You Get Tattoo Florida


Get What You Get Tattoo Florida is a unique and innovative tattoo shop located in the heart of Tampa, Florida. We specialize in providing quality tattoos with a unique twist – our customers get to choose the design they want, but the artist is free to interpret it however they like. This allows our customers … Read more

Get What You Get Tattoo Colorado Springs


Welcome to Get What You Get Tattoo Colorado Springs! Our studio is dedicated to providing our customers with quality tattoos and exceptional customer service. We strive to create unique designs that are tailored to each individual’s personal style. Our experienced tattoo artists use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that you receive a perfect piece … Read more

Why Did Kate Gerwin Cover Her Tattoos


Kate Gerwin made headlines recently when she decided to cover her tattoos. As a professional singer and songwriter, Kate felt that the tattoos she had inked on her body were impacting her ability to be taken seriously in the music industry. She felt that people were judging her based on her appearance, and not for … Read more

What Is A Succubus Tattoo

A succubus tattoo is a type of body art that typically depicts a female supernatural creature from folklore that appears in dreams to seduce men. The succubus has been part of myth and legend for centuries, and the tattoo of this creature has become increasingly popular in recent years. Succubus tattoos are often associated with … Read more

What Does A Santa Muerte Tattoo Mean


A Santa Muerte tattoo is a body art design that has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in Latin America. The tattoo typically features a female skeletal figure wearing robes and a crown, representing the Mexican folk saint known as Santa Muerte (or “Holy Death”). The figure symbolizes death and the afterlife, and is … Read more

Those Who Wander Are Not Lost Tattoo


The phrase “Those Who Wander Are Not Lost” has become a popular tattoo design for those looking to express their free-spirited nature. This tattoo is a reminder that life is an adventure and those who choose to explore it are not lost, but rather, they are enriched by the journey. It is a powerful reminder … Read more

How To Set Up A Rotary Tattoo Machine For Lining


A rotary tattoo machine is a powerful tool for tattooing, and it’s essential to set it up correctly to get the best results. Proper preparation of the machine will ensure that you are ready to start lining with precision and accuracy. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to set up a rotary … Read more