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As we previously mentioned in our Budgeting Tips post, we have become quite addicted to cash stuffing envelope and budgeting videos on YouTube. We’ve taken inspiration from these and set out four different ways to help you save for the next additions to your tattoo collection.



Whenever you find yourself with loose change, add it to a jar and see how much you’ve saved (with very little effort) over the course of 52 weeks.

You can find electronic coin jars on Amazon which will count the amount the jar contains, or just use a random, large (cleaned) food container and wait until the year’s end before counting its contents.


At either the end of each day or the end of the week, take all the gold coins ($1 and $2 coins) you have and set them aside. It’s a small amount but can add up to a tidy sum at the end of the year.

Add these to your coin jar or a separate piggy bank – we’ve found some really cute ones like these Oogie Boogie and Zero banks inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Just like the gold coin challenge, whenever you find yourself in possession of $5 notes, set them aside as part of your savings.

You may even choose to do both the gold coin and $5 note challenges. Store the money in a piggy bank or in a cash envelope savings system.


Below you’ll find three different 52 week savings challenges that we created to help you save a specific amount ($2000, $5000 or $10,000) to put towards tattoos in the future.

If you’ve chosen to create an entire cash envelope system for your budget (including sinking funds for tattoos), you can find all the supplies you require on Amazon.


Click on the download button of the tattoo savings challenge in which you wish to participate – there’s also an option to get all three. You’ll be given a PDF version which you can keep on your computer or phone, or print it out (and laminate if you want) and cross off each box as you add to your savings.

The highlighted ‘B’ boxes indicate Bonus savings, in addition to the four amounts for each month. If you make some more money at work, selling things online, or receive a cash gift, then you may choose to cross off a corresponding Bonus box.

Once every box is checked you will have completed your goal of saving either $2000, $5000 or $10,000 towards you next tattoo!


On Instagram, either tag us @litteredwithgarbage or use the hashtags #LWGTSC or #LitteredWithGarbageTattooSavingsChallenge and show us which challenges you’re participating it. We’d love to see updates over the coming months and how successful you’ve been over the course of 52 weeks.

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