Alan Partridge Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

Alan Partridge is a fictional character created by Steve Coogan 30 years ago. Alan Partridge’s first appearance on LWG was in our TAP (Tattoo Artist Profile) on Matt Youl and British film and television icons – and an icon they both are.

A parody of British television personalities, Alan Partridge was first portrayed on On the Hour, a BBC Radio show in 1991. The following year he got his own radio show where he would inevitably find a way to unintentionally annoy or insults guests. Partridge made the move to the small screen in 1995 with Knowing Me, Knowing You. In the years since, the character of Alan Partridge has infiltrated all media formats, from radio, television series, DVD releases, feature films, to books and podcasts.

Steve Coogan embodies the character so well that you forget that Alan Partridge isn’t an actual person. We feel as though we’re unable to fully express or explain what Alan Partridge is really like, so we suggest looking him up if you’re a fan of British comedy.

Although both wildly different, if we were to compare Alan Partridge to anyone it would have to be Michael Scott (US Office); they’re unaware of how people perceive them, they believe they’re always doing a great job, and are rather sensitive when receiving critiques. Alan is more egotistical than Michael, but it’s in such a British way that it doesn’t translate as a negative – he’s like a car crash waiting to happen and you just can’t avert your eyes from the disaster playing out in front of your eyes.

Most recently, Steve Coogan (as Alan Patridge) released an Audible podcast titled From the Oasthouse. We’ve yet to listen to it but we did enjoy OSW Review’s review of the podcast.

Which Alan Partridge moment do you find the cringiest? What’s your favourite Alan Partridge television show, book or radio show? We were only able to track down three tattoos for this list, but maybe this will inspire you to get your own – be sure to share with us if you do!


Alan Partridge tattoo by @theyoul


Neo trad Alan Partridge tattoo by @ashleyluka


Alan Partridge portrait tattoo by @marcusottner