Absolutely Stunning Juno Birch Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Juno Birch is a Manchester-based drag queen but she’s literally unlike anyone you have ever seen on Drag Race. With her unique pastel alien skin aesthetic, Juno has gained a considerable online following and in recent years has been interviewed by Vogue and even made over Trixie Mattel.

Off the stage, Juno works as a sculptor with many of her pieces being an exaggerated extension of her drag persona.

Juno can also be found on her YouTube channel where she’s either playing with makeup or playing The Sims. Aside from her beautiful makeup looks, we especially love her spot-on Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde) impression.

Since achieving a level of internet fame, hundreds of people have recreated her unique alien drag makeup looks on Instagram. Some have even taken their love one step further and gotten tattooed – as Juno would say they’re “absolutely stunning!” and we would have to agree.

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Traditional style Juno Birch sculpture tattoo by @jasonwaynetattoo


Cute traditional Juno Birch tattoo by @lonerosetattoo