A Clue! A Clue! A ‘Blue’s Clues’ Tattoo! – Littered With Garbage

Originally branded as Blue’s Prints with a cat as the star, Blue’s Clues was created by Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, Angela C. Santomero, and underwent some slight changes before going into production.

The live action-animated educational children’s show made its debut on Nick Jr. in September 1996. It soon became a worldwide hit, going on to air in 120 countries and was translated into 15 different languages.

Blue’s Clues was set in an animated picture book world where the audience were invited into Steve’s yellow house that he lived in his dog, Blue and a number of household objects which could talk. Each episode presented viewers with a puzzle to solve and Blue leaving paw prints along the way.

Blue’s Clues was hosted by Steve Burns, who played the character of the same name, from 1996 to 2002 when he was replaced by his (fictional) younger brother, Joe (Donovan Patton).

Rumours swirled on the internet about Steve’s departure, with many suggesting that he was fired or had a serious drug addiction – some even went as far to say that he was dead. Steve Burns is very much alive and well and, following his stint on Nickelodeon, has continued working in the entertainment industry, picking up more acting work and releasing music.

After ten years on our television screens, Blue’s Clues came to an end in 2006 after six seasons and a total of 143 episodes. Up until 2011, it was the longest-running Nick Jr. show before being surpassed by Dora the Explorer.

Blue’s Clues led to a spin-off show titled Blue’s Room, a live-action puppet show which lasted two seasons and 17 episodes. There was even a UK version of the original program which aired from 1998-2004 and was hosted by Kevin Duala.

Like almost everything from our childhoods, Blue’s Clues was re-booted in 2019 (with the second season currently airing) but now titled Blue’s Clues and You! and hosted by Steve and Joe’s cousin, Josh played by Joshua Dela Cruz.

Did you grow up watching and learning with the help of Blue’s Clues? Is it a show which you have an interest in adding to your tattoo collection?

Our search for decent Blue’s Clues tattoos left us with only one to feature, but we hope to see more in the future. After all we’ve seen over the years and the literal millions of tattoos we have viewed, it would not surprise us one bit if some Blue’s Clues mega-fan got a portrait tattoo of Steve, Joe or Josh, rather than Blue or the animated household objects.

If that’s a little extreme for you, there are some other options when it comes to a Blue’s Clues tattoo:* You and a friend or sibling could get matching tattoos, with one getting Blue, and the other, Magenta;* One of the household items which talked (Mailbox, Mr. Salt or Mrs. Pepper, Tickety Tock, or Slippery Soap etc.);

* Or even one of the other animals, like Periwinkle the cat or Turquoise the tortoise.

There are far more Blue’s Clues characters than we ever remember, and one of them could be your next tattoo.

It’s not mail time, but it certainly is tattoo time thanks to this Blue’s Clues tattoos by Kayla Rose!