Top 15 Succulent Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

To clear things up: all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. We’ve decided to do a separate post for cacti tattoos (which will be posted later this week),  although you will see some paired with succulents in the images below.

Found in arid areas, succulents have the ability to store water and survive off it for long periods of time. It is both their low maintenance and their appearance that has seen them become quite a popular ornamental plant.

You’ll often see succulents all over Instagram, as styling elements in interior design and houseplants in the homes of many the app’s users. They also happen to be popular in the tattoo tags, with thousands of succulent tattoos having been posted online.

Bold and colourful seems to be the common theme in these succulent pieces, which means they’ll have the staying power of a real succulent. These tattoos certainly do not put the ‘succ’ in succulent!

neo-trad-terrarium-cactus-succulent-katietattoos-820x1024-3929000 Neo trad succulent terrarium tattoo by @katietattoos traditional-cacti-succulent-juliacampione-885x1024-6968194 Traditional style cactus and succulent tattoo by @juliacampione traditional-succulent-aliensnot-893x1024-9852351 Traditional style cactus and succulent tattoo by @aliensnot neo-trad-cacti-succulent-pot-tillydee-1024x1024-6414812 Neo trad cactus and succulent pot tattoo by @tillydee neo-tad-dotwork-succulent-teddynigels-1024x1024-5033881 Neo trad and dotwork succulent tattoo by @teddynigels colourful-neo-trad-skull-succulent-stefansalamone-819x1024-5579858 Colourful neo trad cactus and succulent skull tattoo by @stefansalamone neo-trad-polaroid-cactus-succulent-katietattoos-819x1024-5199716 Neo trad polaroid, cacti and succulents tattoo by @katietattoos kawaii-succulent-cactus-karenawesom-1024x1024-4888703 Kawaii cactus and succulent tattoo by @karenawesom bold-colourful-crystals-succulents-carlatattoos-1024x1024-2722156 Bold and colourful crystals and succulents tattoo by @carlatattoos neo-trad-succulent-tuckerxtattoos-8913836 Neo trad succulent tattoo by @tuckerxtattoos healed-neo-trad-cactus-succulent-tillydee-1024x1024-4392212 Healed neo trad cacti and succulent tattoo by @tillydee bold-cactus-succulent-linneatattoos-1024x1024-4141293 Bold cacti and succulent tattoo by @linneatattoos colourful-dodecohedron-succulent-rizza_boo-1024x1024-4394608 Colourful dodecahedron succulent tattoos by @rizza_boo cute-traditional-crystal-succulent-goldlagrimas-1024x1024-3685574 Cute traditional style crystal and succulent tattoo by @goldlagrimas cute-neo-trad-cactus-succulent-samilocke-4641049 Cute neo trad cactus and succulent tattoo by @samilocke