New + Updated Posts: May 2021 – Littered With Garbage

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Top 13 ‘Ace Ventura’ Tattoos

Colour realism Ace Ventura tattoo by @k_peanut_

Top 10 Donald Duck Tattoos

Baby Donald Duck x Disneyland’s Paint the Night parade tattoo by @melvin_arizmendi

‘Murder She Wrote’ Tattoo Inspiration

Murder She Wrote x Rosemary and Thyme tattoo by @mandypantstattoos

‘King of the Hill’ Tattoo Inspiration

Bobby Hill tattoo by @alexstrangler

LWG’s Guide to Kawaii Sanrio Tattoos

Bold and sparkly Hello Kitty tattoo by @keelyglitters

Top 5 Pluto Tattoos

A tattooed crawling Pluto (inspired by the traditional crawling panther imagery) tattoo by @hayleyblackwoodtattoo

Bloody Mary Tattoo Inspiration

Bloody Mary tattoo by @mambotattooer

Top 7 ‘Drop Dead Fred’ Tattoos

Colour realism Drop Dead Fred tattoo by @tonysklepictattoo

Top 15 ‘Parks and Recreation’ Tattoos

Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) themed hand tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

Top 4 Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Black and grey realism Miley Cyrus tattoo by @aaronpeterstattoo

Goofy Tattoo Inspiration

Floral Goofy tattoo by @whisperstattoo

Top 20 Fruit Bat Tattoos

Illustrative fruit bat and persimmons tattoo by @samreadtattoos

‘Almost Famous’ Tattoo Inspiration

Almost Famous tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

‘The Strangers’ Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional The Strangers tattoo by @kmacktattoos

‘Jersey Shore’ Tattoo Inspiration

Jersey Shore note themed love heart tattoo by @pastelxghoul

Fortune Cookie Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional fortune cookie tattoo by @corijamestattoo

Santa’s Little Helper Tattoo Inspiration

Santa’s Little Helper tattoo by @stephanie_melbourne

Pepsi Tattoo Inspiration

Home Alone quote and can of Pepsi tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo

Eddie Guerrero Tribute Tattoos

Eddie Guerrero portrait tattoo by @curlsjrtattoos

Peas in a Pod Tattoo Inspiration

Happy peas in a pod tattoo by @michellemaddison

Kang and Kodos Tattoo Inspiration

Kang and Kodos tattoo by @gooneytoons

Tornado Tattoo Inspiration

Tornado polaroid photo tattoo by @natecordertattoo

Diet Coke Tattoo Inspiration

Sparkly Diet Coke tattoo by @keelyglitters

Cyndi Lauper Tattoo Inspiration

Stylised Cyndi Lauper portrait @kellydotylovessoup tattooed on herself!

‘Peep Show’ Tattoo Inspiration

Mark Corrigan (Peep Show) portrait tattoo by @theyoul

Top 15 ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Tattoos

Sonic the Hedgehog tattoo by @bunnymachine

Ali G Tattoos Indahouse

Dark trash realism Ali G portrait tattoo by @anrijsstraume

Tofu Tattoo Inspiration

Kawaii Hannari tofu tattoo by @kellymcgrathart

It’s a Zoo Out There! LWG’s Guide to the Best Animal Tattoos

Kawaii neo trad narwhal tattoo by @carly.kawaii

‘Zoolander’ Tattoo Inspiration

New school Mugatu tattoo by @bulman_tattoons

Art the Clown from ‘Terrifier’ Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism Art the Clown tattoo by @paulackertattoo

Band Aid Tattoo Inspiration

Pastel band-aid tattoos by @pastelxghoul

Top 5 Gordon Ramsay Tattoos

It’s Fucking Roar! Gordon Ramsay x lion tattoo by @whisperstattoo

Top 35 ‘Frozen’ Tattoos

Healed Sven and Olaf tattoo by @beautattoo

Kate Bush Tattoo Inspiration

Stylised neo trad Kate Bush tattoo by @sadee_glover

May the Force Be With You All Year Long: LWG’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Best ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos

Patterned Fabric Inspired Tattoos

Tattooed gal in tartan trousers. Tattoo by @lonerosetattoo

‘Misery’ Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism Misery tattoo by @stephanienuzzolilo

We Won’t Tell You That You’re Dreaming – This Tattoo Inspired by ‘The Castle’ Is Very Real

The Castle themed tattoo by @clareclarity


‘The Breakfast Club’ Tattoo Inspiration

Faceless double exposure Breakfast Club themed tattoo by @jayjoree